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John, a Naviguard® member, was sent a surprisingly large out-of-network balance medical bill. See what happens when he meets the Naviguard Member Advisor who helped give him peace of mind



Real stories from real people. See testimonials from our members.

Naviguard® has the experience and expertise to help our members manage and resolve out-of-network medical bills. Browse reviews for our medical bill negotiation services. See what our members are saying about their experience and the support they received with Naviguard on their side.*

Home Patients
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“This was such a blessing. My advisor explained everything and sent us the info we needed. She did all the work and kept us in the loop. Such a relief to know this has been taken care of, and I could put my focus on my husband’s health rather than fight with providers.”

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“Very easy to work with and they reduced my medical bill significantly.”

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“They were able to resolve my issue in a very favorable way. I just gave them the information and they did all the work.”

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“I’ve never heard of this service until I had a large balance on an out-of-network ambulance bill. Somehow this bill was reduced by nearly $500. Thank you!!”

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Employer FAQ
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“Thank you so much!! This is such a huge weight off my shoulders!”

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“Definitely will recommend Naviguard, they were extremely helpful and took over the issue right away and fixed it. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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“In addition to a favorable outcome, the overall customer experience was excellent. First, it was easy to get a representative on the phone without going through several annoying phone menus. The interactions via email were simple to use and very straightforward.”

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Meaningful Results

We have a 71% success rate in negotiating lower out-of-network bills with providers for our members.

Based on Naviguard’s engagement with its members during January 2021 through April 2023. Negotiation success rate is based on claims negotiated to less than billed charges. Negotiation success rate may vary and is not a guarantee of future results.

Over $85 million in total member savings to date.

Savings measured by taking the difference between the aggregate out-of-network original billed amount and the aggregate final allowed amount under the plan during January 2021 – April 2023 for cases where Naviguard was engaged by a member to negotiate a balance bill on the member’s behalf. Includes disputed claims but excludes denied claims.

Naviguard has handled hundreds of thousands of cases to help resolve out-of-network medical bills.
Naviguard engages with over 5,000 providers across the United States in over 173 care specialties.

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*Experiences and results for individuals will vary. Naviguard makes no guarantee that any individual (or any group collectively) will achieve certain results.