Got a surprise out-of-network bill?

We’ll help you figure it out.

Out-of-network services are common in health care, but many patients aren’t aware of that fact. So when a bill comes in the mail for these services, it can be quite a surprise, leading to confusion and stress when you’re trying to recover.

Avoid out-of-network-bills

A little knowledge goes a long way. Being prepared for surprise bills can ease your stress level and/or financial burden when the unexpected shows up.

Avoid Surprise Bills

Explain out-of-network bills

Out-of-Network bills can be confusing if you’re not familiar with healthcare jargon. Luckily, healthcare is kind of our thing. We’ll walk you through your bill so you can see what your options are.

Explain My Bill

Negotiate out-of-network bills

You may be able to reduce, or possibly even eliminate, your OON bill. We’ll check to see if you’ve been billed appropriately for OON services, and will negotiate for you wherever we can.

Negotiate My Bill

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We’re committed to using our vast repository of industry knowledge to help health care consumers navigate the uncertainty and frustration of surprise out-of-network bills, and to help ensure that health care providers are performing fair and ethical practices.
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About Us

What Is the Process?

It’s our goal to simplify what can feel like a very complicated process. We will help you navigate your OON bill and options in just a few straightforward steps: