Naviguard brings a welcome dose of clarity to health care costs.

1 in 5 insured adults has received an unexpected bill from an out-of-network provider. We can help.



Unexpected health care costs can be confusing and expensive for everyone.


57% of Americans

have been surprised by an
out-of-network medical bill.


Out-of-network bills

cost employers significant time and money and are an administrative burden.


Payments to healthcare professionals

can be significantly delayed when out-of-network claims are unresolved.


Naviguard is here to help navigate your out-of-network billing challenges.

We’re the experts people come to for solutions that address time-consuming and expensive
out-of-network billing issues.

We offer a powerful combination of extensive healthcare and provider network
knowledge with comprehensive data and market intelligence.

We believe that better information leads to better decisions. That’s why we’re bringing clarity
to healthcare reimbursement.

The No Surprises Act

What is the No Surprises Act and how does it work?

Learn more about this new surprise medical billing law.

Unwavering Partnership

We tailor a unique approach in supporting patients and engaging with healthcare professionals to ensure robust support and resolution for participating health plans and their patients. We know the ins, the outs, and the issues surrounding out-of-network billing and we’re making the process less confusing for everyone.

Unrivaled Intelligence

Resolving issues related to out-of-network billing is our sole focus, leveraging decades of expertise to address ever-changing regulations and the healthcare landscape.

Proven Performance

Our approach to reference-based pricing is based on multiple inputs across provider and geographic networks and benchmarking tools.

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We’re the experts for out-of-network billing solutions.

We know this industry.
We hear your concerns.
We’ll find a solution.

At Naviguard, we pair extensive healthcare and provider network knowledge with comprehensive data and market intelligence. Because at the end of the day, better information leads to better decisions.

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