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About Naviguard & our medical bill negotiation services

Out-of-network billing issues are stressful for everyone involved.
We know how to help.

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We believe

What we believe

Our perspective is motivated by our beliefs

  1. Everyone benefits from expert guidance through the complicated world of health care.
  2. No one should ever be forced to pay charges that are proven to be excessive.
  3. Knowledge and transparency will always lead us in the right direction.
  1. Patients should never avoid seeking care because of out-of-network costs.
  2. Employers should be able to take care of their employees while still being mindful of healthcare costs.
  3. Providers deserve appropriate compensation and the clarity necessary to support it.

Who we help

Naviguard makes the process easier for all parties

Out-of-network medical bills can be a burden for everyone. That’s why we work on behalf of our members and employer clients to resolve out-of-network medical bills and reduce time and administrative burden for employers and providers alike.

With decades of experience to draw from, we are a trusted source of knowledge, advocacy, and sophisticated pricing tools that drive us toward successful resolution.


Home Patients
We inform and advocate for our members

as they navigate through a complex process.



Employer FAQ
We work with employers

to help guide and protect their employees and to manage their out-of-network bill resolutions.



Health professional working at desk
We engage with health care professionals

to resolve billing issues, which can help them get paid faster.


Real Results

The proof is in the numbers

We put decades of health care experience to work for you. And it shows.


Naviguard members


Total member savings to date1


Providers engaged across 173+ specialties


Cases resolved2

1Savings measured by taking the difference between the aggregate out-of-network original billed amount and the aggregate final allowed amount under the plan during January 2022 – September 2022 for cases where Naviguard was engaged by a member to negotiate a balance bill on the member’s behalf.  Includes disputed claims but excludes denied claims.

2Naviguard data January 2021 – October 2022. Resolved cases include all instances in which a member contacted Naviguard and the case was reviewed and negotiated or closed.

Our commitment

Get the out-of-network support you need from Naviguard

Unrivaled Intelligence

Resolving issues related to out-of-network billing is our sole focus, leveraging decades of expertise to address ever-changing regulations and the health care landscape.

Valued Ally
Unwavering Ally

We tailor a unique approach in supporting patients and plan sponsors while engaging health care professionals to ensure resolution. We know the ins, the outs, and the issues surrounding out-of-network billing and we’re making the process less confusing for everyone.


Our approach to pricing is rooted in multiple inputs across provider and geographic networks along with meaningful benchmarking tools.

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We’re here for you.

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