Out-of-Network Bill Negotiator

So you’ve received a bill you weren’t expecting. Don’t panic, and don’t pay just yet! You may be able to save some money.

Bill Negotiator Worksheet

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Before you pay a surprise out-of-network bill, know what to look for. You may not have to pay the full amount, or any amount.

Member Story

After an ER visit, Mary had an all-new emergency.

Mary and her husband were vacationing out of state when he broke his leg. A trip to the local ER took care of his pain and prepared them for the trip home. Soon Mary received a bill for the ER visit, including services and costs she didn’t recognize. What she learned from Naviguard about what to do with surprise out-of-network (OON) bills was a whole new surprise.

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Avoid OON Bills

Knowledge is power! Prevent surprises.