Bill Toolkit

I want to understand my out-of-network Bills.

OON Bills are full of jargon and language that no one speaks except health care folks, and you’re probably not one of those. We’ll break everything down into plain terminology so you can see exactly what you’re being billed for and what it all means.

Explain My Bill

Explanation of Benefits Worksheet

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Make sense of the information provided on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements.

I want to lower (or eliminate) my out-of-network Bill.

That “Balance Due” number can come as quite a shock, but don’t get out your checkbook just yet! You may not actually have to pay the full amount. We can negotiate on your behalf with the OON service provider, and may be able to help you hold onto some of your money!

Negotiate My Bill

Bill Negotiator Worksheet

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Before you pay a surprise out-of-network bill, know what to look for. You may not have to pay the full amount, or any amount.

I want to avoid out-of-network bills.

Knowledge is power! We’ll arm you with the info you need to avoid getting a surprise OON bill in the future.

Avoid Surprise Bills

Avoid OON Bills Worksheet

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Understand how your insurance plan works for in-network and out-of-network services

What Is the Process?

It’s our goal to simplify what can feel like a very complicated process. We will help you navigate your OON bill and options in just a few straightforward steps: