About Us

Naviguard was founded based on the belief that unplanned or unexpected medical costs should never lead to financial hardship.

What We Believe

We believe patients should never be afraid to seek care for fear of receiving a surprise bill.

We believe employers should never be forced to pay egregious charges.

We believe providers deserve to be paid fairly.

We believe plan administrators are responsible for carefully managing the health care dollars entrusted to them by employers.

We believe it’s our job to let everyone know what is “fair” and to ensure everyone plays by the same rules.

Your ally and champion against out-of-network bills.

We are here to be your ally in navigating the complicated world of out-of-network billing and your champion against unexpected financial burdens.

What Is the Process?

It’s our goal to simplify what can feel like a very complicated process. We will help you navigate your OON bill and options in just a few straightforward steps: